Why join Sunny Shire?

  • Create impact – Sometimes the biggest impact you can create is in your local community. Help the Sutherland Shire community get the benefits of solar, storage and energy efficiency – this includes cost savings to households and businesses, and more money kept in the local economy.
  • Contribute – Sunny Shire needs a variety of skills and experience.
  • Learn – Learn more about the energy market and new technologies and solutions, from batteries to electric vehicles, and even non-energy skills like social media and promotions. The more members we have and the more diverse, the more we can learn from each other.
  • Have fun – Meet new people, discuss ideas and attend events.

Get in touch if you are interested – info@sunnyshire.org.au

Got some skills that you could help us with? Photography, Graphic Design, Solar/Energy Knowledge or Passion, Communications/Media, Web design, Social media, enthusiasm? Get in touch!

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