How Good is your PV Panel Supplier?


Does the solar panel manufacturer for your solar system use renewable energy themselves? Do they pollute rivers during the manufacturing, or use tin supplied from conflict areas? Do they provide details on how you can recycle your panels on their website if you don’t need them anymore? Do they report all of the above on their website?


The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition annually report and score on these for the largest panel manufacturers. Many of the panel manufacturers are obviously doing good by making solar power, and may be even doing the above, but they have to report on it and show on their website to get a good score. How does your panel supplier score?

The purpose is to make the solar industry really sustainable, by rewarding those manufacturers who have gone to the effort of setting up policies and publicly reporting on them. It also encourages those that don’t report publicly such things do so in the future.

You can see the full list of scores and details on how they score here:

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