Project 3: A Solar Farm for Sutherland Shire?

It’s not as impossible as you may think.

Wouldn’t it be great if Sutherland Shire got its own solar farm. It could even be owned by the Sutherland Shire community!

In other communities in Australia, community investors are snapping up communing energy projects in minutes.

Community investors in the Sutherland Shire could invest in and own a part of a local solar farm, expecting returns through energy sales and renewable energy certificates.

Where would it go?

Source: Google Maps

Some of the land around Kurnell, like the old refinery must have some spare space. We wouldn’t need to much space. And even temporary is OK, with new removable solar systems like this one –

Can you help? Do you have an idea for a site? Or skills to develop a project? Or local knowledge in Kurnell or contacts?

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