Solar Bulk Buy 3

For details see Bulk Buy 3 Registration, Prices and FAQ

The third round of our solar bulk buy launched in March 2018. Previous bulk buys saw over 75 households install solar. With additional volunteer effort, more staff hired by the solar companies and a streamlined processing system bulk buy 3 is progressing at a great rate.

April-June 2018 – Crowd Funding for 5kW Solar for Community Building – Engadine (Child) Flexicare & Education Centre

We are crowd funding to get 5kW of solar for the Engadine Flexicare & Education Centre. This solar system will save the centre $1,500 per year from their electricity bills. We have partnered with CORENA for this project, who will provide an interest free loan for solar for the Centre via their revolving fund. We are raising $1,163 (20%) locally to bring the project forward and allow the Sunny Shire, Engadine Flexicare and Sutherland Shire community participate.

You can see more details here or go to the Chuffed Crowd Funding page here.

2018 LED Downlight Bulk Buy

We have launched and are managing an LED Downlight Bulk Buy so Sutherland Shire residents can replace halogen downlights with efficient LEDs. Halogen downlights are energy guzzlers, and get very hot, creating insulation and safety issues. Our Bulk Buy includes 3 options, fro $10 to $85 per light. More details on our LED Downlight Bulk Buy here.

2018 Hot Water Heat Pump Bulk Buy

Hot water can be up to 50% of your electricity use. Heat Pumps can see a 60-80% reduction in electricity use for hot water, seeing a 4-8 year payback compared to conventional hot water tanks with resistive element. We have negotiated a great price ($3,999) for the best in the market Sanden Eco Plus installed by a local Sutherland Shire company. More details on our Hot Water Heat Pump Bulk Buy here.