Sunny Shire is a volunteer based community energy group in the Sutherland Shire.

We want to help the Sutherland Shire community get the benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency such as cost savings, self-reliance, resilience and lower impact on our environment.

How will we do this? We hope to kick start many activities that enable our community to get the most of the clean energy transition that is now underway. This may include advocacy, crowd funding, group buying and events.

Rooftop Solar Bulk Buy

Our first project, a rooftop solar bulk buy, has helped over 130 shire families get high quality value for money rooftop solar using local quality solar companies.

Would you like to help or join? Or just stay in touch? Please get in touch.

For more information about Community Energy and other Community Energy Projects around Australia and Internationally, please check out these website:

Sunny Shire is proudly supported by Sutherland Shire Environment Centre, helping the Sutherland Shire community to protect and care for the environment since 1991.


Sunny Shire volunteers for the community solar bulk buy include founding convenors Jonathan Prendergast and Jay Banyer, who both work professionally in energy, and UNSW PV engineering and commerce student, Liam Parnell. Sunny Shire also has many supporters and in future would like to form groups for other projects, events and governance.

Jay Banyer & Jonathan Prendergast – Sunny Shire Cofounders (Photo: John Veage)

Jonathan Prendergast

Jonathan lives with his young family in Como, and has worked in Clean Energy for 12 years. This has included working in house at University of Technology Sydney & Bendigo Bank, on projects such as the UTS Power Purchase Agreement with 32 MW Walgett Solar Farm and 4.5 MW District Cooling Contract. He is also Technical Director of Business Renewables Centre Australia.

Jay Banyer

Jay is a software engineer working in the new energy sector and has lived in Kareela for 13 years. This included working on Virtual Power Plants at AGL New Energy and currently as Chief Technology Officer at Electric Vehicle Start-up – Everty.

Liam Parnell

Liam is in his 4th year studying Solar Engineering and Commerce at UNSW living in Menai, and supports Sunny Shire’s rooftop solar bulk buy by providing guidance on suitable size, panels and inverters for home solar systems.

Sean Findlay

Sean is a final year Renewable Energy Engineering Student at UNSW and an Intern for WINAICO Solar Manufacturing. He has a passion for Electric Vehicles and even developed his own mini EV Skateboard.

A resident from Cronulla, Sean aplies his knowledge of the solar industry to help Sutherland Shire locals to choose the optimal solar system.

Sunny Shire is also very well supported by a broader community of supporters, including Judy & Greg Walker, Tassia, Sue, Jenni, Daniel, Emma and many more!