Sunny Shire has run several rounds of bulk buys to help Shire residents get solar on their rooftops. These projects have been one of the most successful community solar efforts in the country: over 200 households have installed solar via this initiative as of September 2020.

The bulk buy is currently closed. However we have arranged a “community energy discount” with the two local solar companies that we work with. Just mention Sunny Shire to receive the discount.

The two local solar companies we recommend are:

Sunny Shire volunteers are still available to answer any questions and provide unbiased advice. Please see Contact Us.

What is a Solar Bulk Buy?

  • Sunny Shire carefully selects local solar companies and installers.
  • Together, Sunny Shire and the solar companies select a small range of high-quality solar equipment to offer to participants.
  • Sunny Shire promotes the bulk buy through various media avenues.
  • Participants register and are offered advice from Sunny Shire volunteers via email, phone and articles on this website.
  • Each participant is referred to one of the local solar companies who will design a system and provide a quote.
  • If the participant accepts the quote the system is installed according to the solar company’s work schedule.
  • Payment is made to the solar company and all warranties are provided by the solar company.
  • Prices are lower than usual because of volume and because the solar companies avoid the usual advertising and sales costs.

What are the benefits?

  • Organised by passionate, expert volunteers from your local community.
  • Unbiased advice. We don’t have a financial interest – we just love helping people take control of their energy use and costs whilst improving the sustainability of our energy system.
  • Co-founders have extensive knowledge of energy systems and work in the field for their day jobs.
  • Community support via Sunny Shire volunteers, the website and Facebook group.
  • Support local solar companies. Sunny Shire only refers jobs to solar companies based in the Shire. Most solar companies are based outside the Shire although they often sub-contract to local installers.
  • Excellent equipment at very good prices. We’ve taken the hard work out of choosing from the large number of brands and models on the market, and the prices are very sharp for the equipment being offered.
  • Trusted solar installers. We are very fussy about who we refer jobs to – we want everyone to have a great experience and outcome.