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Solar Panels

Imagine your home was 100% solar and battery powered with your own generation. And you sold electricity back to the grid and peak times to turn electricity bills from costs to payments to you. And when the grid goes down, you can keep the lights on TV on with your own stored back up power. There is no need to wait, we have the technology now.

Sunny Shire has worked with local solar companies and selected the best options for Sutherland Shire families, including those who have already purchased solar through our solar bulk buy, and those getting solar now.

Retrofit Option 1 – 9.8 kW LG Chem Battery w/ Solar Edge & Reposit VPP – $12,400

This system can be retrofitted to existing solar systems and includes:

  • 9.8 kWh LG Chem Battery
  • Solar Edge Battery Charger, Modbus Monitoring and Back Up interface
  • Reposit Battery & Cost Management System
  • Eligible for Ausgrid Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Payments
  • Full supply, installation and warranties

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Retrofit Option 2 -14kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 – $13,500

This system can also be retrofitted to existing solar systems and includes:

  • 14kWh Tesla Powerwall 2
  • Gateway for back up protection
  • Full supply, installation and warranties

Solar & Battery Package – 10kW Trina Solar, 9.8kWh LG Chem Battery – w/Solar Edge & Reposit – $21,000

For non solar households, you can save by getting solar and battery at the same time. This system includes:

  • 10kW of Solar – Trina Panels
  • 6kW Solar Edge Storedge inverter with back up protection
  • 9.8kWH LG Chem battery
  • Reposit Battery & Cost Management System – with Ausgrid Virtual Power Plant credits
  • Full supply, installation and Warranties

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Power Plant (VPP)?

In this context a VPP is a network of distributed solar and battery systems centrally coordinated to provide electricity grid support services and earn revenue. The Sutherland Shire is very lucky that our local electricity distribution network, Ausgrid, has a VPP with Reposit. This means we can add Reposit and earn additional revenue from our battery.

More details here:

Who is Reposit?

Reposit are a battery and cost management system technology company based in Canberra. They supply controllers that can be added to compatable inverters to control and monitor batteries.

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How much can batteries save?

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Should I get a battery?

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