Rooftop Solar – Bulk Buy- Register Here


Our rooftop solar bulk buy is continuing. We are now taking registrations for a second bulk buy here via this Google Form.

We want to make Sunny Shire Bulk Buy 2 even bigger and better. So we need your help!

You are invited to participate in the Sutherland Shire Solar Bulk Buy, which will commence in September 2017.

It is organised by Sunny Shire, Sutherland Shire’s Community Energy group, a volunteer based not-for-profit sub-campaign of the Sutherland Shire Environment Centre. Join the solar revolution!

Spread the word, share with your friends, like us on Facebook and join the Sutherland Shire Solar Group for discussion of all things solar on Facebook.

You can register for Bulk Buy 2 via this Google Form.

(If you can’t wait to get solar ASAP, let us know via email to . We don’t want to stand in the way of anyone getting solar if they want it ASAP!)

Disclaimer: This Bulk Buy will see customers enter a contract with the Sutherland Shire based solar installer. Sunny Shire is an independent volunteer based campaign of Sutherland Shire Environment Centre, and is only an advocate for greater take up of solar power. All warranties will be with the relevant solar installation company and its suppliers. SSEC take no responsibility and provide no warranties in this process.

Bulk Buy 1 commenced on 24 May 2017, took in 51 registrations, and as of 27th August, 22 systems have been installed, with more coming in following weeks. More info here.

How does it work from here?

  1. We take registrations from June to August 2017
  2. We take our list of registrations to 2 local installers to get bulk buy prices. The more registrations the better!
  3. We announce prices. We help households confirm their size, panel, inverter and extras options.
  4. Installers get in touch with households, provide firm quote
  5. Households pay deposit, and arrange installation date.

Registrations are non-committal. It is no obligation until a deposit is paid.

We may adjust the process above if needed to improve the bulk buy.

It is first come first served, so get in quick!

(If you really want solar sooner, let us know. We want more solar any which way!)

You can register for the bulk buy via this Online Form

Please see the Bulk Buy 2 Details and FAQ for more details.

For more information, email us at or join the Sutherland Shire Solar Facebook Group here:

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