Sunny Shire Community Solar Bulk Buy is Expanding – 2nd Installer Joins!

Photo of Trent

The Community Solar bulk buy is our first project. The intention was to get started, learn, show some traction to assist with our next projects. We initially were hoping for around 10 households to sign up and get solar. This week we received our 50th registration!

Ben from Solar Concepts is working hard, providing quotes, and has installed the first 2 systems this week which is great news! He is doing a great job, but we don’t want anyone waiting longer for their solar than necessary.

Introducing Trent Amber

Trent lives in Woolaware with his young family. He has worked as an electrical contractor for 10 years. 5 years ago he set up AG Solar with his brother-in-law, Daniel. Like Ben, Trent provides the full service including quoting, supply of panels and equipment and installation. Both Trent and Daniel are Clean Energy Council Accredited installers, and do installations together.

Trent is motivate to provide high quality installations that him and Daniel can stand behind, to help his customers save money and reduce their grid electricity dependence.

Ben and Trent have shared peer-to-peer learnings about solar technology over the years, and even helped each other out on occasion when equipment for installations don’t arrive.


Solar Installer and Company Owner – Trent Amber

It’s very exciting that Trent and Daniel want to help the Sutherland Shire community get access to cheap solar energy and increase their energy independence via the Sunny Shire bulk buy. We are very impressed with Trent’s honest approach to solar and eye for detail. Ben vouches for him too!

It’s great that Sunny Shire’s advocacy and volunteer efforts can grow the solar community in the Sutherland Shire.



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