Sunny Shire LED Downlight Bulk Buy


Many shire households have lots of downlights. They look great, but use lots of energy. So, we have created a Bulk Buy for replacing Halogen downlights with quality LEDs.

LED is a revolutionary technology, often seeing reduction of 80-90% electricity usage compared to previous lighting systems. And at its best, LEDs provide better quality light, are safer and last longer.

We have identified and negotiated 3 LED lighting replacement options for our LED Downlight Bulk Buy for Sutherland Shire homes (and businesses).






Phillips Downlight

Spark Ireland Electrical LED

Absolute D-Light


Supply Only

Supply & Install

Supply & Install






Step Dim 10W Dimmable

Ecogem Dimmable



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70mm are $3 extra

140mm are $10 extra


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Limited Stock available


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About Absolute D-Light

Absolute D-Light is an LED design and manufacture business by Sutherland Shire local Daniel Debreceny. Daniel is an electrical engineer commonly working in commercial and shopping centre fit outs, including new electrical connections and lighting. He is inspired by the potential of new LED technology, particularly how they can be more efficient, provide higher quality lighting and last much longer than traditional lighting.

Daniel became frustrated that many LED lights on the market were not making the full potential LED technology, so, he designed his own! Daniel’s lights are designed and manufactured to achieve:

  • minimum glare and flicker
  • no discolouration over time, meaning all your downlights stay the same colour
  • higher safety through less heat generation
  • true efficiency and reduction in electricity use through improved power factor

See more at the Absolute D-Light website.

Spark Ireland Electrical

Nathan is a Cronulla based electrician with a passion for efficiency and cost reduction for Shire households. You may have seen him on social media. He installs around 2,000 LED downlights every year, achieving great cost reduction for the Shire, and making their households safer.

About Reduction Revolution

The Reduction Revolution website is a stallwart of efficiency in Australia. It provides access to the latest and best value products for Australian households. It is great to monitor their website, and see how much prices come down over time.

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