Progress Post: Sunny Shire Community Solar Bulk Buy


This is a standing post that we will update as we go capturing the progress of our bulk buys.

Bulk Buy 1 launched in Bundeena in May 2017, and resulted in 37 households getting solar installed adding to 203kW (around 650 solar panels).

We were not ready for all the interest in BB1, particularly after a great article in The Leader, so had to pause, improve systems and get a 2nd trusted local solar company. Bulk Buy 2 commenced in September 2017, and resulted in another 39 shire households getting solar, adding to 280kW of solar (around 890 solar panels)

Bulk Buy 3 launched on 7 March 2017, and so far has 34 registrations. It was featured in The Leader (South Sydney local paper) again

So, watch these numbers grow! What a great community effort. It’s great to see more panels on roofs. And stay tuned for other future projects!


Sunny Shire is commenced in May 2017. It had been an idea for around a year before launch, but with support of Sutherland Shire Environment Centre, and meeting Jay in April, we finally launched the website and our first project in May.

We have big plans for the future, but it is hard to get buy in from stakeholders when all you have is an idea. So we thought, let’s start with a solar bulk buy. Help 10-20 shire residents get solar, then do the next project. And at least we can show some track record and demonstrate the purpose and potential of a Sutherland Shire Community Energy Group.

Bulk Buy Update

We launched the bulk buy at the Bundeen-Maianbar Solar Group meeting on Wednesday 24 May 2017, and online the next day. Within 72 hours we had 17 registrations, 13 from Bundeena-Maianbar.

Now we are in Bulk Buy 3, and figures below include all bulk buys

Here is our current updated figures:



Solar Capacity
 Total Interest


~ 1,100kW



~ 1,040kW

 Received Quote


725 kW

 Paid Deposit/Confirmed Proceeding


507 kW



483 W

Here are the link for Bulk Buy 3 Registration, Prices and FAQs

What size should people get? Check out these posts:

Here are some photos from the bulk buy installations so far:









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